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Προσχέδιο για τη διαφύλαξη των υδατικών πόρων της Ευρώπης
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Για να διαβάσετε το "Προσχέδιο για τη διαφύλαξη των υδατικών πόρων της Ευρώπης", παρακαλώ πατήστε εδώ.

Τέλος Αδειών Παραγωγής από ΑΠΕ
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Όσον αφορά σε ερώτηση μελών μας, για το τέλος που πρέπει να πληρώσουμε για τις Άδειες Παραγωγής που έχουμε, βάσει του Ν.4152 μόνο για το 2014, η προθεσμία είναι μέχρι 30/6/2014. Συζητάνε όμως για παράταση μέχρι τον Οκτώβριο.

Αν υπάρξει επίσημη ανακοίνωση/ενημέρωση εκ μέρους του ΥΠΕΚΑ, θα επανέλθουμε.



Δελτίο Τύπου με θέμα «Επιστολή ΕΣΜΥΕ προς Υπουργό και Υφυπουργό ΠΕΚΑ για το new deal»
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Ο Ελληνικός Σύνδεσμος Μικρών Υδροηλεκτρικών Έργων (ΕΣΜΥΕ) συμμετείχε στη «Δημόσια διαβούλευση για το σχέδιο νόμου «Ρυθμίσεις για την εξυγίανση του ειδικού λογαριασμού του άρθρου 40 Ν.2773/1999 και λοιπές διατάξεις»» και  εξέδωσε το συνημμένο Δελτίο Τύπου που αφορά στην Επιστολή που έστειλε σήμερα Πέμπτη 13 Μαρτίου 2014 προς τον Υπουργό ΠΕΚΑ κ. Μανιάτη και τον Υφυπουργό ΠΕΚΑ κ. Παπαγεωργίου, για το εν λόγω θέμα.


Για να διαβάσετε το πλήρες κείμενο του Δελτίου Τύπου, παρακαλώ πατήστε εδώ

Small Hydropower for the Average Joe
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Brussels, 05 February 2014

New guidebook on how to establish a small hydropower cooperative

Within the EU co-funded project
RESTOR Hydro, European hydropower representatives published a first-ever guidebook on how to establish a small hydropower (SHP) cooperative. This publication offers a step by step guide outlining useful tools on how to refurbish the estimated 350,000 old water mills, weirs and inoperative SHP stations located in the EU Member States.

By valorising the SHP potential in Europe, the project’s aim is to bring hydropower closer to the people by showing them the technology, the benefits it can bring to the regions and how it can contribute reaching the EU’s 2020 energy targets.

Dirk Hendricks, Secretary General of the European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) states that “one of the main barriers the project addresses is the financing aspects: SHP sites are often too small to be ‘bankable’. The solution proposed by this publication is to gather several SHP sites within one region and to fund the costs to exploit them through a local cooperative. Local citizens will be offered a share of the project with co-ownership.” This publication is aimed at anyone with basic entrepreneurial skills who are seeking microhydropower potential in a region and are willing to tap into this potential through a community driven model.
The guidebook is available at

It will be available in French, Italian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Polish, Greek and Slovenian in the following months.

For further information, please contact
Martina Steinkusz, Project and Communication Manager, ESHA
T.: +32 2 400 10 67 / E.:
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Notes to editors

The European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) is the coordinator of the RESTOR Hydro project which runs from June 2011 until May 2015.  ESHA represents the interest of the hydropower sector by promoting the benefits and opportunities of hydropower at EU level. The association campaigns for improved market conditions for the hydropower sector, removal of any barriers to hydropower development and an increase in hydro-electricity production in Europe.

is a European project aiming at increasing renewable energy production from small and micro hydropower, by identifying and restoring suitable historical sites, mills and hydropower stations that are currently inoperative.
The RESTOR Hydro project identifies the most relevant sites suitable for refurbishment and stimulates investment through the development of a market-driven model for regional cooperatives. Identification and refurbishment follow specific methodological guidelines, taking into account environmental, economic and social aspects.
RESTOR Hydro aims at assessing the state of small hydropower and refurbishment potential in the whole EU-27 region. Restoration programmes will be implemented in eight selected target countries: BELGIUM, FRANCE, GREECE, ITALY, LITHUANIA, POLAND, SLOVENIA, SWEDEN.